Putting listTool on your site

We have decided to give webmasters the ability to offer a custom version of the listTool mailing list manager on their own site. This is our version of an Affiliate Program which will allow you to run a feature similar to what listTool offers, on your own site. Naturally, this is absolutely free. There are two ways to do this:

1 - The simplest way is to just copy some code and to paste it on a page on your site. This will allow you to put a subscription / unsusbscription box on your site which will allow your users to subscribe or unsubscribe from various lists directly from your site. There are several boxes to chose from. To do this, go to our code page and simply select which type of box you want to install on your site and copy the corresponding code and paste it into your site.

2 - The second Affiliate option is to put a customized "branded" version of our tool on your site. This means that not only will the first subscription / unsusbscription page look like the rest of your pages, but so will the other "result" pages (i.e. the pages you see if you subscribe, unsubscribe or get list information etc.) Because this is a just a little more complicated to set up (both for you and us) you will at least need to have more than 500 page views or 100 visitors each day (that is not hits, but page views or visitors) to qualify. To get a customized version of the site please fill out the online application.

Here is some additional information about this program:

How do I qualify to join the Affiliate Program?

Anyone that runs or owns a web site, that we deem appropriate, will be allowed to have a custom version of listTool on their site. The criteria will be solely determined by us. At a minimum, you need to have a web site, you need to have a certain amount of traffic, the content must be appropriate, and you need to have a basic understanding of HTML and know how to upload pages to your web server (or need to know someone who can help you do so). However, there are no specific requirements if you just want to use the subscription / unsubscription code on your page (option 1 above).

How do I join the listTool.com Affiliate Program?

It is very simple. If you want option one (see above) go to the code page. If you want a full custom version of listTool (option 2), just fill out the very short application form. We will look at your site and if it meets our criteria, we will give you instructions on how to set up a custom version of listTool for your site. You will have to download some file and do some HTML cut and paste. You will then have to upload the modified files to your web server. Click here to apply to receive the code and instructions.

Anything else I should know?

We (listTool.com) will always own the content of the files you will be using. We can discontinue the entire Affiliate Program or just your participation in the program at any time and for any reason. If you apply to participate, you also agree to all these conditions and agree to hold us harmless and to indemnify us.

Why are you letting website owners add the research tool to their site?

Because we are really nice (and modest people) and because we feel this is also a great way to promote the listTool.com site. Although, you can add some of your custom graphics, the result pages will be "served" from the listTool.com server and may contain banners and buttons.

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